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WINDY & ROCKY SE 2017. Winter collection inspired by the endless beauty of St. Petersburg even in the most dark and frozen days of the year. Peterburg could be very various even for the one person...

We know St. Petersburg with it transparency and festivity, watercolor-aquamarine and gray-gold, with strict winged lions and a fresh breeze from the bay, turquoise of the Hermitage and gold of Isaky behind high windows, the smell of baking and coffee, strict lines and a sudden lace of houses closely standing shoulder to shoulder for centuries...

We wanted to tell you about an amazing city that is unlike any other city in the world, about the city we see and love... We wanted to confess our love to its other side, transparent gray, cloudy, with cold winds and dark canal water, with black wrought-iron gratings hiding an endless labyrinth of walk-through courtyards-wells crowned with a patch of gray-foggy sky between the lines of converging roofs, with dark front doors hiding patterned round elevators and spiral staircases, colored stained-glass windows and tiles of incredible beauty, almost lost in the layers of time, wiped with dust and traces of everyday life ... And we asked ourselves, what is this city like?
  We wanted to tell you about St. Petersburg's woman that is smart, a little mystical and certainly elegant, in tune with this strange, magical space of palaces and lions, doors and courtyards, sometimes leading to completely different dimensions. About a woman with a haze in her eyes, with a soul and a heart both tender and strong... And we asked ourselves, what kind of woman is she?

And, answering these questions, we chose adjectives as the name of the collection and the names of the brooches, as one of the answers ... They seem to flow into each other, unfold the facets of the beauty and soul of a woman and the city on the Neva, sound like chords and run in waves, openly ...

photographer: Dmitry Trishin
models: Elena Chernova and Pavel Popov
make-up and hairstyle: Marina Rumyantseva